Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Colonel Pesian
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Colonel Pesian at the height of his power.

Colonel Mohammad Taqi-Khan Pessian ( - October , 1921) (also Colonel Pesian or Pesyan), born in Tabriz, was a popular military leader of Iran.

Commander of the Gendarmerie of Khorasan province, he became head of the provincial autonomous government of Khorasan in 1921. His attempt was crushed by Reza Pahlavi and he was later assassinated that same year. Reza Shah ordered that he should be beheaded and his head was brought to Tehran to prove that he had been killed. Although he wanted the establishment of a secular democratic state, after the Islamic revolution Colonel Mohammad Taqi-Pessian was declared the first martyr of the revolution.


Qiyam-e Kolonel Mohammad Taqi Khan-e Pesyan dar Khorasan (Uprising of Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan Pesyan in Khurasan), A.Azari, Tehran, Safialishah, 1989


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